Man Spots Unusual Hammock Landing Fee in West Melbourne

Hammock Landing user fees.
Hammock Landing user fees.

WEST MELBOURNE, Florida – A customer notices an unusual “Hammock User Fee 1%” on his Pollo Tropical receipt in West Melbourne.

Sine it’s opening, Hammock Landings has charged a “user fee” to shop. Even so, people today still question the fee.

“I called corporate and was told it was the Hammock Landings Shopping Center fee. I called Hammock Landings and was told it was a ‘User Fee’ that all shopping center customers are charged,” Kyle Robert told Palm Bay Daily.

Kyle also pointed out that the Hammock User fee is taxable. The shopping center has been doing this since it first opened, but customers still question the charge of their receipts.

It’s not uncommon for shopping centers to charge businesses a percentage of their sales as part of their lease terms. This is between the merchant and the landlord. However, Pollo Tropical and other tenants (stores, restaurants) are passing the charge to the customer.

Pollo Tropical receipt showing Hammock Landing fee.
Pollo Tropical receipt showing Hammock Landing fee.

Hammock Landing retailers charge customers an extra 1 percent “user fee.” The corporate office for the shopping center says the fees help finance the roads and the water & sewer infrastructure for the property at Interstate 95 and Palm Bay Road.

“Just the usual ripoff by developers in Florida and your State Legislators are responsible. While I live close to Hammock Landing and have shopped there frequently, I try not to because why should I pay for the continued development of this area? Customers can always shop online and go elsewhere,” Linda of Palm Bay said.

This fee has other people questioning their receipts from Hammock Landing.

“I’m not even sure how a place can levy a tax. Sure I do. They call it a fee. I just found out about this when my wife asked me ‘do you know what this fee is?’ I had to look it up. I’m trying to talk her into returning her purchase,” Keith of Palm Bay said.

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