Melbourne Woman Gets Palmetto Bug Removed from Ear

Woman has palmetto bug stuck in ear in Melbourne, Florida. (Image courtesy of Katie Holley)
Woman has palmetto bug stuck in ear in Melbourne, Florida. (Image courtesy of Katie Holley)

MELBOURNE, Florida – A woman could hear a crunchy sound inside her ear.

Katie Holley of Melbourne said she woke up one night in April feeling “a weird movement” in her ear as if something was crawling inside.

Soon after, Holley went to the emergency room at 2 a.m. after the palmetto bug moved in deeper inside the ear canal.

Katie Holley
Katie Holley

Doctors poured lidocaine into her ear to numb it, and she could feel it moving around before it died.

After the doctor thought he pulled out the bug, Holley explained the feeling in her ear wasn’t going away. Nine days had gone by, and she went back to the doctor’s office complaining of discomfort and hearing loss.

“I assumed that my ear wouldn’t feel normal right away after the insect getting stuck and then all of the poking and prodding that was required to get it out. But as the week went on, I didn’t notice any improvement in the soreness or my ability to hear out of my left ear,” Holley wrote on

After an examination, the doctor found a spiky insect leg. Six more pieces of the cockroach’s carcass were pulled out.

Image courtesy of Katie Holley.
Image courtesy of Katie Holley.

The doctor later told Holley that he pulls bugs form people’s ears at least once a month.

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