Thai Riverside Thai And Sushi Bar Cited for 24 Health Violations

Thai Riverside Thai And Sushi Bar
Thai Riverside Thai And Sushi Bar

PALM BAY, Florida – The Thai Riverside Thai And Sushi Bar, located at 4445 Dixie Hwy NE in Palm Bay, was cited for 24 violations by the state health inspector this month.

However, all violations were corrected on-site and the restaurant “met inspection standards,” according to the health inspector’s notes.

During the health inspection, there were ants at the Sushi bar and “server handled soiled dishes or utensils and then picked up plated food, served food, or prepared a beverage without washing hands,” according to the report.

  • Basic – Bathroom door left open other than during cleaning or maintenance. **Warning**
  • Basic – Cardboard used to line food-contact shelves.- in storage area **Warning**
  • Basic – Dead roaches on premises.- 1 dead in ladies restroom, employee swept up **Warning**
  • Basic – Hood filter missing from automatic fire suppression/exhaust system. **Warning**
  • Basic – In-use utensil stored in standing water less than 135 degrees Fahrenheit.- rice scoop in 83°f water **Warning**
  • Basic – Lights in food preparation, food storage or warewashing area missing the proper shield, sleeve coatings or covers.- in kitchen **Repeat Violation** **Warning**
  • Basic – Nonfood-grade bags used in direct contact with food.- raw shrimp in chest freezer **Warning**
  • Basic – Observed standing water in bottom of reach-in cooler.- cook line cooler **Warning**
  • Basic – Plates dried with a towel/cloth.- educated, stopped **Warning**
  • Basic – Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food thawed at room temperature.- fish, still frozen **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
  • Basic – Silverware/utensils stored upright with the food-contact surface up.- whisks **Warning**
  • Basic – Wood food-contact surface not properly sealed.- wood shelf microwave sits on **Warning**
  • Basic – Working containers of food removed from original container not identified by common name.- Sushi fish not labeled, have labels on cooler but items don’t match **Repeat Violation** **Warning**
  • High Priority – Dishmachine chlorine sanitizer not at proper minimum strength. Discontinue use of dishmachine for sanitizing and set up manual sanitization until dishmachine is repaired and sanitizing properly.- 0 ppm **Warning**
  • High Priority – Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit.- Sushi rice 82°f, tuna 44°f, salmon in sushi cooler 44°f, in unit less than 4 hrs **Warning**
  • High Priority – Presence of insects, rodents, or other pests.- ants at sushi bar **Warning**
  • High Priority – Server handled soiled dishes or utensils and then picked up plated food, served food, or prepared a beverage without washing hands. **Warning**
  • Intermediate – Cutting board(s) stained/soiled.- both boards on cookline **Repeat Violation** **Warning**
  • Intermediate – Encrusted material on can opener blade.- heavily soiled **Warning**
  • Intermediate – Handwash sink not accessible for employee use due to being blocked by buckets **Warning**
  • Intermediate – Hot water not provided/shut off at employee handwash sink.- front area hand wash sink **Warning**
  • Intermediate – Interior of reach-in cooler soiled with accumulation of food residue.- black mold-like substance inside and outside of cookline cooler **Warning**
  • Intermediate – No chlorine chemical test kit provided when using chlorine sanitizer at three-compartment sink/warewashing machine. **Warning**
  • Intermediate – Ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food prepared onsite and held more than 24 hours not properly date marked.- cooked salmon, tofu **Warning**

As previously mentioned, all health violations were corrected on-site during the inspection and Thai Riverside Thai And Sushi Bar remained open.

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