Phone Scam Targets Palm Bay Residents For Overdue Utility Bills

Scammers have targeted residents in Palm Bay pretending to be utility workers.
Scammers have targeted residents in Palm Bay pretending to be utility workers.

PALM BAY, Florida – Residents have been receiving calls from scammers pretending to be utility workers demanding payment, according to Palm Bay city officials.

The scammers are so believable, that even the caller ID reads “City of Palm Bay” when spoofing their victims. Police say it’s a method quite common now for them to mask the origin of their phone calls.

Officials also call this method a “social engineering attack on the public using a credible number assignment to mask a phone number to defraud.”

Palm Bay Utilities wants everyone to know that they do not solicit customers for payment and will never ask for personal information such as social security information or credit card payment over the phone.

Utility customers who want to pay their bill they may call the automated phone number 321-952-3420 and select option 1 for payment or visit

Residents with any questions about the fraudulent phone calls should be directed to Palm Bay Utilities Customer Service by calling 321-952-3420 and select option 2 to speak with a representative.

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