Palm Bay Police Investigating More Car Break-Ins

Detectives are investigating more car break-ins this week in Palm Bay.
Detectives are investigating more car break-ins this week in Palm Bay.

PALM BAY, Florida – Police are reviewing surveillance video to look for clues taken during car break-ins that occurred overnight at a housing complex.

Palm Bay detectives say the incidents were reported at Habor Bay in the area off Rivera Drive. At least five cars were broken into, police said.

A person who called police reported that “two people wearing all black were walking through the area trying car door handles,” according to Lt. Mike Bandish, spokesman for the Palm Bay Police Department.

“We are actively doing something to catch the perpetrators,” said Bandish.

Officers were given video footage that they believe could help identify the two men spotted by a witness.

Bandish said that it also appears that not much of value was taken from the vehicles.

“We encourage people to take out your valuables, especially your weapons. Just lock your vehicles,” Bandish said.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call police at 321-956-3456.

Other Vehicle Burglaries

The Palm Bay police arrested three juveniles last weekend in connection with other vehicle burglaries.

Police said one of the juveniles would act as a lookout while the other two attempted to break into cars.

“This enforcement initiative would not have been a success without the cooperation from our citizens,” Sgt. Cliff Graves said. “I just want to thank all the citizens for locking their vehicles. All the vehicles that the juveniles attempted to get into on this night were locked.”

Police remind all Palm Bay residents to always lock their vehicles at night, especially during the holiday season.

DISCLAIMER: Arrests and mugshots were made public by complaint affidavits, arrest affidavits, and police reports. All persons arrested are innocent until proven guilty.

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