Palm Bay named highest paid US city for tech salaries

Palm Bay has been named No. 1 for tech salaries on a list of 100 US Cities.
Palm Bay has been named No. 1 for tech salaries on a list of 100 US Cities.

PALM BAY, Florida – The highest paid tech salary in 2017 goes to Palm Bay, a new report says. said the highest paid salary in the tech field was about $159,380.

That’s pretty impressive for a city in Brevard County, but not surprised since we are home to a lot of tech companies.

Palm Bay has several companies surrounding itself in Brevard County, such as Harris Corp., Lockheed Martin, and IBM, where wages pay higher.

Florida’s average tech salary rankings in order:

  • 1. Palm Bay: $159,380
  • 2. Tampa: $85,500
  • 3. Orlando: $83,200
  • 4. Jacksonville: $81,000
  • 5. Lakeland: $80,800
  • 6. North Port: $80,500
  • 7. Miami: $78,000
  • 8. Daytona Beach: $69,000
  • 9. Fort Myers: $65,000

Here are the other top U.S. cities for tech salaries:

  • 1. Palm Bay: $159,380
  • 2. Syracuse, New York: $117,000
  • 3. Dayton, Ohio: $116,200
  • 4. San Francisco: $113,078
  • 5. San Jose, California: $112,763
  • 6. Durham, North Carolina: $112,450
  • 7. Ventura, California: $109,850
  • 8. Washington, D.C.: $106,731
  • 9. Bridgeport, Connecticut: $105,641
  • 10. New York City: $105,334

The study cites continued economic development throughout Brevard County as demand has increased for highly-skilled workers to fill the high-wage jobs in a growing technology industry.

This is certainly another great reason to love Palm Bay.

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Raised in Jupiter, Florida, Andy Hodges began his career in the field of radio and TV broadcasting where he worked for about 12 years. He would make a career change to computer programming. Andy spent seven years working for tech companies, including Delta Airlines in Atlanta as a Senior Systems Analyst. In 2002, he moved to Sebastian, Florida. Andy is also the Editor-in-Chief for Sebastian Daily.
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