Local filmmakers to host screening of award-winning film in Viera

Where There Is Darkness film screening in Viera, Florida.
Where There Is Darkness film screening in Viera, Florida.

VIERA – Local filmmakers are set to host a screening of their award-winning film about a crime documentary that recounts the 2016 kidnapping of St. Augustine priest Fr. Rene Robert.

Local residents have a chance to see it this Sunday, December 16, in the area’s first-ever showing of the film at the AMC Avenue 16 in Viera 3 p.m.

Filmmakers Sean Bloomfield, Cimela Kidonakis and Jessi Hannapel have been documenting the story for over two years. Although they completed the final cut of the film just last month, Where There Is Darkness has already won a slew of film festival awards including Best Documentary and Best Director at the Los Angeles Crime and Horror Film Festival in November.

“This is a film about hope and forgiveness,” said Sean Bloomfield. “Even though it involves a tragic event, we uncovered so much hidden beauty as we retraced the circumstances surrounding Fr. Rene’s disappearance, and the audience response so far has been amazing.”

Bloomfield grew up in Brevard County and lives in Merritt Island with his wife and children. Co-filmmakers Kidonakis and Hannapel live out of state but spent most of the last two years living in the area to work on the 1 hour, 39-minute documentary, which features re-enactments to help retell important elements of the story.

“Making this movie was an intense experience,” said co-director Cimela Kidonakis, “and as we documented the story, there were twists at every corner, which audiences seem to love. At the heart of the film, though, is a powerful message that seems to stick with viewers for a long time.”

The filmmakers and other members of the cast and crew will be at the AMC Avenue 16 in Viera at 3 p.m. on December 16 to present Where There is Darkness.

With most of the film’s showings selling out, tickets must be purchased in advance from their website, StellaMarFilms.com.

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