Brevard County Students Catch Sales Tax Break On Back-To-School Items

Back to school sales tax holiday in Palm Bay and Melbourne, Florida.
Back to school sales tax holiday in Palm Bay and Melbourne, Florida.

PALM BAY, Florida – Brevard County parents and students are gearing up to save money during the Back-To-School Sales Tax Holiday. Qualifying school supplies in Palm Bay and Melbourne will be tax-free August 3rd – 5th, 2018.

Please check with your child/children’s school to get an approved school supply list.

What items qualify to be tax-free?

Certain accessories, footwear, and clothing items costing $60 or less per item & specific school supplies that cost $15 or under per item.

Items that may have previously qualified that will not anymore include computers, ink cartridges, printer/computer paper, correction tape, staples, masking tape, and erasers.

The Florida Department of Revenue has outlined everything you need to know in a PDF file that you can download from their website.

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