Up with People’s Oxfam Hunger Banquet Welcomes Guest With Open Minds

Oxfam Hunger Banquet in Melbourne with Brevard's Up With People.
Oxfam Hunger Banquet in Melbourne with Brevard's Up With People.

MELBOURNE, Florida – Up with People’s Oxfam Hunger Banquet® helps Brevard community see hunger in a new way. With world hunger on the rise, this experiential event brings staggering global crises to life.
This interactive experience teaches attendees about hunger throughout the world and food distribution. This event is essential as global hunger is on the rise, after a steady decline for over ten years.
The event is on Tuesday, March 13th, from 5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. The exact location will soon be determined.
The Oxfam Hunger Banquets® has helped people understand the reality of hunger for over 40 years at thousands of events attended by more 875,000 people around the country. Before the event, guests draw tickets at random that assign each to a high-, middle-, or low-tier based on current statistics of people living in poverty.

Each income tier receives a meal that corresponds to their income level. The high-income tier will receive a sumptuous meal; the middle-income section will receive a simpler meal of rice and beans, and the low-income tier will get rice and water.

According to a new United Nations report, approximately 815 million people suffer from chronic hunger worldwide-more than the population of the United States, Canada, and European Union combined.

Currently, conflict and drought have pushed four nations to the brink of famine. South Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen, and Somalia are facing catastrophic humanitarian crises, where millions are at risk of starvation. In response to these ongoing crises, the Up with People Oxfam Hunger Banquet® is tailored to support and highlight the famine crises.

About 80 percent of the world’s hungry people work as farmers, herders, fishers or laborers in rural communities. In these parts of the developing world, women are often responsible for the majority of food production, despite having restricted access to markets, land, and credit. Hunger Banquets® bring these issues into communities across the nation to address the importance of building a better food system.

People interested in joining this workshop can contact Lieke van den Berg at [email protected] or 720-434-5625.

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