Palm Bay Landlord Arrested After Throwing Tenant Out

A Florida landlord was arrested in Palm Bay after kicking a tenant out without completing the eviction process.
A Florida landlord was arrested in Palm Bay after kicking a tenant out without completing the eviction process. (Photo: Brevard County Jail)

PALM BAY, Florida – A landlord was arrested after kicking out his tenant and disposing of her property without completing the eviction process.

Keith L. Myers, 62, was charged with burglary, criminal mischief, giving a false ID to a law enforcement officer, and resisting arrest on Wednesday.

The tenant called the Palm Bay Police Department earlier this month to say she was having ongoing issues with her landlord. She claims Myers entered her home without permission removed her belongings and damaged her property.

When the tenant arrived home, she found her clothes in the trashcan and her home cleaned out. There was about $6,000 in property missing, which included everything in the home from living room furniture to medication.

When officers arrived, the tenant explained that she was being evicted by Myers, but that it was incomplete.

Palm Bay police verified with the Clerk of Courts that the eviction process was not complete because Myers didn’t finish the process. Instead, he just assumed that it was proper to kick the tenant out of her home.

Police called Myers on the phone and explained he had no right to remove the property from the home. Myers said he was out of town and could not make it to the Sheriff’s office to complete the eviction.

“The deputies would have put them out anyway,” Myers told the officer on the phone.

Myers told the officer that he had permission to remove the tenant and her property because “she is a drug addict who does not pay her rent.”

Throughout the phone call, Myers stated several different reasons why he entered the home. Myers told the officer that he initially thought the tenant vacating the home, even though her property was there.

Myers told the officer that the tenant is no longer renting because she does not have a lease and has “no right to be in the property.”

The officer explained that the tenant had the right to be in the home until the property eviction notice was completed.

“I am going to come down there and beat her fu**ing brains out and remove her,” Myers told the officer before disconnecting the phone call.

Myers then called a neighbor and left a voicemail message stating the same exact thing, which was turned over to police.

Soon after, Myers showed up at the home and the neighbor contacted the officer.

“I recognized Keith Myers from his Florida driver’s license phone on the front porch,” the officer said.

The officer attempted to make contact with Myers, but he stated, “you have nothing to say to me, we do not need to speak” and tried to walk away.

The officer demanded to know his name, which he provided a false name and birthdate.

Myers was arrested and transported to the Brevard County Jail for processing.

As of Friday afternoon, Myers is still in the jail without bond.

DISCLAIMER: Arrests and mugshots were made public by complaint affidavits, arrest affidavits, and police reports. All persons arrested are innocent until proven guilty.

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