Melbourne Man Arrested At 7-Eleven Because He Wouldn’t Leave

7-Eleven clerk calls law enforcement in Melbourne when man wouldn't leave.
7-Eleven clerk calls law enforcement in Melbourne when man wouldn't leave.

MELBOURNE, Florida – The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the 7-Eleven, located at 7035 N. Wickham Road, about a man who wouldn’t leave the store in Melbourne.

Upon arrival, the clerk told deputies that the man was pacing around and talking to himself inside the Melbourne convenient store.

Deputies then made contact with Curtis Emerson Wellington, 45, who was still inside the store standing in front of the checkout counter.

“I instructed him to go outside because he had no business being inside the store. While I was filling out the trespass warning, he started acting more jittery and stating he needed to go to the hospital because he was having a heart attack,” the deputy said.

The deputy requested Brevard County Fire Rescue to check on Wellington’s well-being.

Wellington began to pace around again and spoke loudly that he was not feeling well. The deputy moved him near the patrol vehicle as they waited for EMS, according to the report.

“He stood for a few seconds before running towards the gas pumps and then east towards the dumpster located on the northeast side of the property,” the deputy said.

Deputies struggled with Wellington near the dumpster, and it was suspected he was exhibiting signs of excited delirium due to his statements and physical strength.

Excited delirium is a condition that presents with psychomotor agitation, delirium, and sweating. It may include attempts at violence, unexpected strength, and very high body temperature.

The cause is often related to long-term drug use or mental illness. Commonly involved drugs include cocaine, methamphetamine.

“Mr. Wellington sat up at one point and attempted to place me into a headlock,” the deputy stated in the report.

The deputies utilized a Taser, but the deployment did not appear to have any effect on him.

Ultimately, Wellington was arrested and transported to Viera Hospital to get medically cleared.

Once cleared, Wellington was transported to the Brevard County Jail where he was charged with 2 counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, and 2 counts of resisting arrest.

DISCLAIMER: Arrests and mugshots were made public by complaint affidavits, arrest affidavits, and police reports. All persons arrested are innocent until proven guilty.

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Scott Lee travels between Brevard County and Indian River County and has been writing for various publications for approximately 30 years. Lee also writes for Sebastian Daily covering Vero Beach and Florida news. Currently, he covers Palm Bay, West Melbourne, and the Melbourne area.
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