FHP Finds Drug Dealer Passed Out From Injecting Heroin

Robert Thomas Tortorice is a suspected drug dealer in Palm Bay, Florida.
Robert Thomas Tortorice is a suspected drug dealer in Palm Bay, Florida.

PALM BAY – A Florida Highway Patrol State Trooper was patrolling southbound on interstate 95/ State Road 9 approaching the 179 marker when he observed a white Mercedes SUV running with headlights and taillights illuminating.

As the State Trooper approached the driver side door, he observed a white male slouched over. He knocked on the window several times to get the drivers attention. When the driver became alert, he asked if he was ok. The defendant replied “yes.”

The trooper observed red bloodshot eyes and constricted pupils. As the defendant talked he had slurred speech, mumbled and dried white saliva around his lips. He had a hard time focusing, and kept dozing off.

The defendant was advised to stay in his car as his tag and DL were searched. When the trooper came back he approached on the passenger side; the defendant was slumped over towards the passenger seat.

When the defendant became alert, he was told to turn off the vehicle and exit. He then spontaneously uttered that he injected heroin, approximately .25 grams, and consumed cocaine earlier in the day.

The state trooper performed field sobriety tasks. He then placed Robert Thomas Tortorice, of Palm Bay, under arrest.

While being booked the corrections officer discovered a clear bag located underneath Tortorice’s genitals through the body scanner. The clear bag contained: A clear with 6.37 grams of cocaine, a clear bag with 7.29 grams of heroin, a clear green bag with 0.04 grams of Methamphetamine, 3 separate small dime size bags with Methamphetamine (0.011) oz (0.011) oz and (0.012) oz, and 6 separate small aluminum packages with Cocaine (0.019) oz, (0.023) oz, (0.023) oz, (0.024) oz, (0.026) oz, and (0.026) oz.

Tortorice, 33, was charged with DUI Alcohol or Drugs, Intro Contraband Into Jail Facility, Methamphetamine – Poss W Intent Sell Mfg Deliver, Heroin – Possess W Intent Sell Mfg or Deliver Sch I, and Cocaine – Poss W Intent Sell Mfg Deliver Sch II.

His total bond amount is $17,500.

DISCLAIMER: Arrests and mugshots were made public by complaint affidavits, arrest affidavits, and police reports. All persons arrested are innocent until proven guilty.

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